Riel Cambodia

A podcast with real stories that inspire, challenge and inform.

At Riel Cambodia we interview inspiring community members about various topical issues to provide deep insights that challenge and inform listeners about life in Cambodia.

Riel Cambodia will...



Hear from diverse community members striving for positive change



Be challenged by the deep insights and perspectives



Learn about diverse issues through the experiences of others


Started by Bianca Raby as a way to connect to the local community of Siem Reap and gain a deeper understanding of life in Cambodia, Riel Cambodia is all about people. With a focus on honest conversations and personal narratives it is a podcast for those with a thirst to understand. 

Sometimes only the loudest voices are heard in our societies and therefore many stories and perspectives remain untold. Riel Cambodia asks you to listen… you may not agree, you may not understand completely but we ask that you listen. Because, only when we start listening without defences and engage with ideas that challenge us will we see real compassion, connection and change in our community.  

Love what you hear?